“ABCs of the BOP”

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in women’s prisons? Your guided tour begins here.

In ABCs of the BOP: A Teacher’s Prison Primer, L. A. Johnson writes about the 55 months she spent in prison for crimes she did not commit. Johnson talks about her initial despair; her battles, both legal and emotional; her hope; disappointment; and eventual acceptance of the plight she found herself in. The memoir also describes routine procedures, work, prison staff, other inmates, and how her faith in God brought her out; baffled, but not bitter.

Nelson Mandela said “After one has been in prison, it is the small things that one appreciates: being able to take a walk whenever one wants, going into a shop and buying a newspaper, speaking or choosing to remain silent. The simple act of being able to control one’s person.” Johnson was released from prison 5 months after Mandela died.


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The Meryton War

A Paranormal fantasy that throwing the characters of pride and prejudice into an alternative reality. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy go o a journey of self-discovery.

The characters from Pride and Prejudice have plunged in an alternate universe. An eerie prophecy made in 1730 has resulted in the removal of three families from London society in a desperate bid to stop a war.
Three generations later, that Prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The War seems inevitable. Is peace possible? If not, can an energy balance ever be restored to the earth? Will an imbalance in the world’s energy field and the coming war wipe out humanity?
This paranormal fantasy is not suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes.


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The Truth About Mallory Bain

A single mom, just wanting happiness and security for her young son, Mallory Bain unwittingly becomes entangled in a killer’s web of lies

Mallory Bain, her marriage over, heeds the advice of a mysterious voice and returns to Minnesota, where her family and friends await her and her six-year-old son, Caleb. They need a fresh start, a future free of fear and tears, filled with love.

But freedom from a painful past and hope for abetter future prevent Mallory from seeing what evils lurk in the shadows. As strange and unexplainable events occur, putting her and her loved ones in harm’s way, she blames herself, her ex-husband, and a peculiar aunt with a fondness for communicating with the dead. Determined to write off these events with simple explanations, Mallory cannot see the terrifying nightmare unfolding around her.


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Underground Love

A steamy, sexy underground boxer romance novella available FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Mason is a young but battle-worn boxer who fights for pride and money in an underground prize fighting ring. He’s got a reputation as being unbeatable and invincible, but his boss threatens to end his winning streak when he asks Mason to take a dive for the chance at a big payday…

Ana spends her days waitressing at the diner her cousin owns, and her nights alone in the shabby apartment upstairs from her workplace, surrounded by her broken dreams. All she wants is to travel the globe and see the world. All she wants is to escape from her dull, penniless reality. That’s all she wants, at least until she meets the handsome, quiet man with the scarred hands and secretive, seductive eyes…

Ana and Mason find their worlds brutally thrown together when Ana’s cruel ex-boyfriend decides to try to force his way back into her life. Mason’s honor drives him to protect Ana’s safety, but when his pride interferes with his ability to fight in a fixed match, he finds that honor and pride may not be enough to keep himself—and Ana—safe from those who would have their revenge on them both.

Mason only has one chance to redeem himself, and the odds are stacked against him. Can Mason save himself and the woman he loves from the enemies who lurk in the shadows, ready to take their due? Or will he sacrifice his own life for the sake of his integrity?

Underground Love is a 21,000 word standalone romance novella with an HEA ending and a heat level that will make you crank the AC!


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Serpentkind: Existence

What is the fate of Man when an evolved species takes control of Earth?

In religious teachings, it is said that the beginning of mankind was deceived by a serpent, causing man to sin. The serpent was then cursed by God to crawl on its belly. Some believe that the curse has been lifted and they are the demons that terrorize man in the end of days. Others believe that scientists evolved a species they couldn’t control. Either way, “serpentkind” is here and dominate the world. Serpentkind Existence is the first part of the story that I published. It is followed by Serpentkind Return of Murcielago and now the prequel Serpentkind In The Beginning. The story will continue with three more parts, two more prequels and then the final which will be book 6 of the set. I hope you enjoy the series.


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