So you Call Yourself a Writer? Good!

I recently gave myself the title of Author. Well, Children’s Book Author and Daydreamer to be exact. I do a lot of daydreaming in between writing sessions. But when can you take the risk and call yourself a writer? The answer is now! You just have to take the first few steps. Hell, make them leaps because there’s no time for hanging around. So where to start?

Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. Website. Start here. Get this platform up and running. I have subscribed to articles from Katie Davis. She is giving indispensable advice and helping writers to build their platform. Don’t underestimate it. You need it. If you book them, they will not come. They need to be enticed. Katie has an awesome book available called How to Write a Children’s Book. Get it! I also use Wix as my base. A super simple website building tool that will boost you like nitrous oxide.

I am still learning. Every day I am reading something new and trying to find my voice. But I am not stressed over it. It’s exciting. I am excited and you should be too. Write in various genres. Throw the ones that don’t feel good. You will quickly discover which you are hot for and which ones you want to give the cold shoulder.

Look out for courses such as those offered by Wappo. These are invaluable. I am currently taking one called Learn to Write Amazing Children’s Books. I’m taking it slow because inspiration is coming to me from all over the internet, but this course has kicked me into play from the off.

If you have some work that you are proud of: a short story, a novel, a poem – whatever it is, now is the time to start throwing it around. I used Kindle Direct Publishing to get my first piece of writing out there, and the responses have been positive. My family has been crazy supportive, so have friends. Maybe I am lucky, but I think you will be too. If you love the work you are doing chances are that someone else will.

Search for publishers that are working with genres you enjoy writing in and send your work to them. Don’t fear rejection. Embrace it. Use it as a tool to improve. Stay positive and don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Write every day. A good start is 1000 words. It isn’t too much and I know that you can smash through that goal. I told myself yesterday I will write 1000 words each day and I wrote 1500. There’s something about being challenged that forces you to do better than is expected.

It can feel scary when you are fresh on the scene: the new kid on the block. The competition is fierce, but I have found that the writing community is an embracing one. Follow people on Twitter that are writing in genres similar to you. They will share your posts, they will support your self-published work. Tweet, retweet, repeat!

A great way to practise your writing and to find your voice is to use writing prompts and enter competitions. Here are seven you can enter before the New Year, but keep a look out. Do some research. There’s a lot happening in 2017. And even if you don’t enter these competitions, you can use their guidelines and prompts to practise. I have enjoyed the Crimson Comp. The prompt is inspiring. Here are ten creative ways to practise your writing and if you are wondering how your finished book should look, here is a cool list of the parts of a book 

These are just a few ways that I have propelled myself into the world of writing. The articles and inspiring people have made a huge improvement in my confidence and ability to get the job done. I hope the same rings true for you. Last but no least – and in the words of Journey – don’t stop believin’. Write!