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Help Crush Your Fear of Writing with These Two Things

If the fear of writing is getting you down, it’s time for some basic preparations that will crush this nasty nemesis and fortress your efforts. How do you build your zone of protection? You...



Each scene should either advance your plot or reveal information about your character. If your scene does neither, cut it. People tend to skim or skip over scenes that have no clear goal.


Make it count!

We must get inside the minds of our readers and determine how to present our arguments so as to have this effect.


How to Write Great Fight Scenes

So, in case you’re interested, here’s my advice on how to write a great fight scene.


You Are An Author: Keep moving forward and remain steadfast!

This poem was written to encourage authors to keep moving forward and remain steadfast!


Interacting With Authors On Twitter

Twitter is a great tool, not just for promoting your work, but also for communicating with other authors. It is the perfect way to put yourself out there.


An Author’s Voice: The Verb Vixen

Your voice is what makes your writing yours. Take a pilgrimage to discover it, take a road that no one has told you about, including me. You have choices. Choose.


Staying Inspired: How to find words again

I have short listed the four top reasons why I sometimes struggle to write and share with you various ways I have been able to overcome them. If you know why you can’t write, you can take steps to rectify the problem.


The love of “being author”

The thrilling part of “being author” is that at this moment, we may be speaking to, sitting next to, or even meeting those rare, great, authors that are among us here today.