Become a great author

Personally as an author, I enjoy look at my book in amazon and read the reviews, even if they are negative. Everyday, I wake up and dream of one day walk in the street and meet a reader who would like to discuss about my book with enthusiasm.  And I m sure that it s the dream of many authors out there. People read our book but if they could know all we have to pass through. This begins when we must present the book to agents or publishers, and submit yourself to their point of view of good writing and sometimes I wish I could ask them how the can know that people won’t like a book if they have never seen it. Now the great challenge is to make the book known an brought.this is a painful challenge and only the strong will survive because we live in society who looks for perfection:perfection in beauty,products etc. The artistic side of writing is dying and it becomes a product to sale but we ,writers ,we should remain strong and carry this cross. This is our choice to suffer for our creation like a parent suffering for their children.take refuge in your writings. Our writings are a part of us that no one can take away from us. So,wherever you are,if you feel that you worth it,continue to walk on this Via Dolorosa because we are truly free.

This post is submitted as Guest Post by Y.U Tervil