Seven years ago, on a cold and snowy day in January, 2009, I stood in front of a group of mourners in a church to give the eulogy for my deceased friend, Paul Jaeger. Paul and I were close friends for over thirty years, throughout which we had shared our love of art, anthropology, history and more. What he didn’t share with me, however, were dark, family secrets that would be revealed to me as I fulfilled the responsibility as executor to clean out and sell his home.

The nine months my son Chris and I spent in the house have forever changed our lives, and what we experienced there became the subject of my debut book, Estate of Horror, A True Story of Haunting, Hatred and a Horrific Family Secret. Standing before the friends assembled at Paul’s memorial service, I couldn’t have imagined that I would now be an author, having fulfilled the promise to myself to tell my story of the incredible haunting and poltergeist experience we survived at the small, three-bedroom house that my friend had called home.

It was important to me to share my story publicly. My story is true but I’ve had to defend myself to skeptics who questioned that it was my imagination and that I made it all up. Believe me; I do not have that wild an imagination! It has been suggested by some skeptics that Chris faked the poltergeist activity presented on our videos on YouTube. Let me just say poltergeist activity is a very rare event. You would never believe that statement to be true with all the rampant “supernatural activity” that happens on today’s paranormal TV shows. I am not saying things don’t happen on those shows but remember these are primary entertainment venues and

they have to give the audience something “creepy” so they will tune in next week. When we recorded our paranormal events we did it for our own documentation at the time, never thinking they would later be reference in a book and then on a TV show, A Haunting. That was the furthest thing on our minds. We were more interested in surviving. So many people have had similar experiences like mine but they fear telling others because of the possible ridicule.

It’s not easy having me for a client, either. It is not every day that someone comes to you with a manuscript about a truly scary paranormal experience and you decide to take them on. Only then you realize what you got yourself into. That brave person is my agent Laurie Hawkins of Collage Literary. Over four years ago she read my manuscript for Estate of Horror, the work of a first-time author, and took a chance on me. Her hunch that my story would be read by many others paid off. In fact, my story became an episode for a national TV show. Not bad!

There have been “bumps in the night” along the way. Laurie has experienced some very strange occurrences at her home office while printing out my manuscript for Estate of Horror and now my sequel Dark Transference. She had ghostly experiences before she met me but things have only escalated. There has been poltergeist activity and sightings of a little girl at her home. Things have disappeared and then turned up in the strangest places. Computer files have evaporated on her desk-top and her printer has been known to spit out parts across the room!

We have found we have been deliberately thwarted in getting this second book out. It has been difficult for me to properly juxtaposition the last six years of the many supernatural incidents and to combine them in a coherent story compared to Estate of Horror’s time frame of only ten months. That is why there has been the delay in getting the sequel published. Citing these factors, it has not been an easy project for either Laurie or me. We both have dealt with serious personal health issues with parents over these last four years, too. She has faithfully edited me through each chapter to help me put together a book we are both proud of. Above all, I wrote Estate of Horror for the people who are not able or willing to write about their supernatural encounters and the heartbreak that they have suffered alone by keeping silent. I feel your pain.

I had never intended that I would be writing the sequel Dark Transference, now. I simply wanted to tell my incredible and true ghost story and be done with it. Unfortunately, that was wishful thinking. But although I live a paranormal life every day I choose the light always.

This post is contributed as Guest post by Anita Jo Intenzo