Out of Difficulties Grow Miracles – A Christian Journal

Out of difficulties, we find miracles. Our struggles build strength. An inspirational journal perfect for Sunday School, Bible Study, or just to write your thoughts.

Out of difficulties, we find miracles. Our struggles build strength. An inspirational journal perfect for Sunday School, Bible Study, or just to write your thoughts.

This is a Writing Journal. It contains 100 lightly lined COLLEGE RULE pages for writing poetry, notes, lists, or ideas for your next book. More College Rule Journals will be added in 2017.

  • 100 lightly lined pages allow for perfect absorbency with ink, gel pens, or pencil
  • Perfect for making lists, creating poetry, or writing down your life reflections
  • Each journal contains an inspirational message
  • High-quality — Matte cover for a professional finish
  • Perfect size at 7″x10″ — Larger than most
  • Perfect for gift-giving

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Adam’s Cross: BooK One of the Witchfinder Series

SALE 99c or 99p for a limited times.

Look into the darkness of the human psyche, which lies behind Adam’s eyes. Adam as a child believes he is the perpetrator behind a number of mysterious deaths. Is Adam a child serial killer?
Surviving a chaotic childhood, he enters adulthood as a successful musician with a sublime talent, which mesmerises his audiences. Fearing the axe of his past is about to drop he begins to confront the traumatic shadows of his childhood, only to discover a far more sinister secret.
May be read as a standalone.


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The Sheltering Stars

The Legends of Lumenor Book 2

This tale, which follows the Unicorn Gate, is the 2nd book in Iona’s Lumenor series, featuring the adventures of Toby Malone and Daisy Evans.

Five important magical artefacts are about to be revealed to the Order of Lumen at the same time as Maxwell Delano’s heir, Hugo Shade, comes out of hiding. Toby Malone and Daisy Evans return to help their old friend Gabriel prevent the five Treasures of Lumenor from falling into the wrong hands. The survival of both the Greenway ancestral line and the intended destiny of Lumenor itself, are threatened by black light from Shade’s renewed connection to the Dark Star.


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Across the Ocean

An easy short read historical novel that brings the aftermath of the Atlantic slave trade into modern medicine through, friendship, romance and ancestry discovery. It will keep you entertained from start to finish.

A young cage fighter is diagnosed with a strange genetic disorder that requires a bone marrow transplant. It happened so quickly that the matter is now one of life and death; he has twenty-four weeks to live. Martin needs a relative for a donor, but his parents died in a car crash and he has no siblings or other close relatives. A mixed-raced man he casually met at Nandos, who later became a friend, volunteers to go for the test and is found to be a match. Though it is possible that someone from the general public can be a match, Leroy feels there is more to his relationship with Martin than just friendship. He begins his journey to unveil the power of DNA testing in light of today’s medical science, tracing back to two hundred years ago and the slave trade. The result is shocking the whole world, showing that the stranger who crosses your path can possibly be related to you!

This story is based on partly true events.


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