In a changed world due to apocalyptic conditions, Serpentkind struggles to maintain diversity abroad. However, now they face a new threat from another species. Do these winged creatures hold the hidden secrets that will aid them, or will this cause total destruction? Either way, Murcielago has returned to acquire one basic purpose for survival: mankind’s blood. This is the second part of my Serpentkind series. It follows Serpentkind: Existence and is proceeded by my release of Serpentkind: In The Beginning, which was published in April 2017 and is the first part of the prequels. The second prequel to come is called Serpentkind: Signs Of The Apocalypse.

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Captain Leo. Chapter 1

Year 4290
The Earth is just a dead planet that spins uninhabited in the space. When the ozone layer finally disappeared, animals, plants and almost all humanity perished.
People remaining managed to survive by traveling to Azul Terra, a planet similar to the Earth. Unfortunately, this planet seems to be condemned to disappear too.
The leader of the survivors is Captain Leo, a brave scientist that decided to depart in his spaceship to try to find a new place to live and save the humankind.
Captain Leo’s team is integrated by extraordinary companions:
Maris, scientist and an expert in transforming species using genetic experiments.
Columba. Has the ability to fly with wings that grow from her back whenever she feels danger.
Botswar, half human and half robot.
Traveling into the space they found another solar system that has a new planet similar to the Earth called Grama.
When they landed in Grama, they found Maridia, a girl who has been chased by a fierce creature called critka.
Captain Leo manages to destroy the horrible beast and saves Naridia who was really scared. But the story just begins…

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No Safe Haven

Tillie Pierce is a thoughtful, fifteen-year-old young woman, living with her family in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It’s 1863, and the Civil War is touching every town and home with tragedy. Tillie’s is no exception.


She has two brothers fighting in the war, but she receives news that it’s her sister’s sweetheart who has died defending his country against Confederate forces. This shatters Tillie’s faith—she finds it impossible to believe that God, in all of his sovereignty, would allow such horrors to take place.


What Tillie doesn’t know is this is only the beginning, as the Battle of Gettysburg is just around the corner. The Confederate Army arrives three days ahead of the Union soldiers, and they loot, steal, and enslave African American citizens.


Tillie’s parents, devout Christians and staunch abolitionists, encourage her to pray for her enemies, but she can’t speak to a god who won’t stop the war. Where is Christ in all of this? Will Tillie and her family survive the bloody conflict, and will she ever find her faith again?


No Safe Haven is a deeply personal account of a young woman’s struggles through the greatest conflict her country, and her heart, will ever see.

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Historia de invierno

En un pueblo del interior de la provincia de la Habana, a inicios del siglo XX, nace un niño expósito. No es el niño que físicamente toda familia espera. No es hermoso. Pero los prejuicios, las ambiciones o la dejadez de los demás le marcarán la vida más que La Providencia. El personaje se abrirá paso así mismo, de circo en circo, y asistirá a varios momentos trascendentales de la historia de su país, que apenas comprenderá. La novela repasa la sociedad cubana, posterior a la instalación de la República, en un país donde aún se observan las huellas dejadas por España y en el que se advierte la creciente influencia de los Estados Unidos.

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Alexia Died In the End

For most people, money is the root of all evil but Mark doesn’t think so. 19 years ago, on the day that his parents were brutally murdered by a crazed psychopath, he was born into the world. Being raised in a family that didn’t love him, he only has one objective: kill the murderer.

After his foster parents died, is the only legitimate heir, he inherited all of their fortunes. Soon after carrying out an extensive research, he found out about who the murderer was. However, he has a problem, he couldn’t get himself to kill that person even if he knows where that person lives.

He decided to get help from an old friend of his but the only problem was his friend wouldn’t allow him to do so for some reasons unknown to him. Will Mark be able to have his revenge? Or will he fail miserably? Read the story to find out.

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