Author: BeingAuthor Team

Maze of Mourning

In Maze of Mourning, Frieda describes the process of grieving after the death of her father. She looks at her own emotions, thoughts and actions. In this way, the book is contemplative without being weighty: dayly events are at the center.

Is It Still Murder Even If She Was a Bitch?

A Pinnacle Award winning comedic mystery. But what’s funny about a menopausal ad agency owner who’s paranoid that she’ll end up prime suspect in her former colleagues grisly murder, just because she barely tolerated the victim? A lot.

The Guardians of Eastgate

Can the many and varied magical and non-magical races of Sterrenvar come together to stop an evil sorcerer from destroying their world as they know it?


When you’re a brain without a body, can you still be called human?


In a changed world due to apocalyptic conditions, Serpentkind struggles to maintain diversity abroad. However, now they face a new threat from another species. Do these winged creatures hold the hidden secrets that will...

Captain Leo. Chapter 1

Year 4290 The Earth is just a dead planet that spins uninhabited in the space. When the ozone layer finally disappeared, animals, plants and almost all humanity perished. People remaining managed to survive by...

No Safe Haven

Tillie Pierce is a thoughtful, fifteen-year-old young woman, living with her family in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It’s 1863, and the Civil War is touching every town and home with tragedy. Tillie’s is no exception.  ...