You Are An Author: Keep moving forward and remain steadfast!

As a budding author, I have found myself wondering who I really am because I am constantly thinking of new ideas to change the world through my art and craft, which produces words. This poem was written to encourage authors to keep moving forward and remain steadfast!

Who are you?

Do you even know?

Our MINDS are like the shadows of lost souls; it wanders  & creates art!

Our HEARTS are like warm butter dripping from the surface of a gas stove; it melts for others.

Our FEARS are transparent like blurred lines fading away on rigid notebook paper; they are non-existent.

Our FATE is like a river that flows constantly downstream; its never ending and immeasurable.

Our WORK is like the process of a growing fetus; it produces new life.

Our WORDS are like colors found inside of a rainbow; they give life.

Now, who are you?


This post is contributed as Guest post by Candida Akins.

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