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An Animalish Man: How often do guys think about sex

Ulf is a man who doesn’t identify himself with the characters of romances. We observe his life, his deeds, and thoughts about sex; things that men do, but not always admit it. He is an emotional intelligent guy, and like every man, he is mainly driven by a sex drive, that he must cope. It is hard to say if he is a man of action, but because of his nature and desires, he gets into deep troubles and needs to find a way to stay alive.


It is not a romance. It is a contemporary, suspenseful and unconventional short story. The idea for the book was born from the reflexions about today’s provocative erotic romances. Moreover, from the questions: whether men identify themselves with the novel’s characters. What are their real needs? How often do they think about sex? Do the expectations from men are unnatural and go beyond their role in the evolution and society? Did we forget about our nature?


The story reads almost by itself. We meet a guy with his sex life and erotic fantasies. Before we even notice, he is sudden involved in a memorable crime intrigue. There are conspiracy background and unpredicted ending.


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*15 000 words, 64 pages, 90-minute, erotic content


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