And I Thought I’d be a Nun

And I Thought I’d be a Nun

“We are less damaged by the traumas of childhood than by the traumatic way we remember childhood.”
Psychologist James Hillman
“‘And I thought I’d Be a Nun’ is a heart-wrenching, true, family drama about the life, trials, and tribulations of author, Georgianne Landy-Kordis. No book comes closer to exposing the depths of a woman’s soul. Forced to deal with extraordinary hardships, death, rejection, abuse, and a struggle to rise above obstacles that would break the spirit of most people, Georgianne shows true strength as she perseveres and overcomes what life has thrown at her. Ms. Landy-Kordis writes in a brazenly honest, fresh style. The chronological events of her life take the reader down a sometimes disturbing yet eye-opening journey that leads to her personal growth and struggle to find self-worth and true love. With the help of friends and a strong conviction that God has a purpose for us all, she has lived a life and written a tale worth reading.”
~Susanne L. Lambdin (Author of the Dead Hearts Novel Series)

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