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Femininity is a special gift. It makes us softer, gentler, kinder, nurturing, more compassionate, and naturally loving. As women we are naturally more vulnerable and open. We are created to bond. We are designed for relationships. We are designed to create life. And yes, our soft gentle features are meant to attract males.

Self-awareness is about appreciating who you really are. It’s about looking inside to understand your gifts and talents. There is nothing shameful about being a woman and embracing your feminine side.

Relationship experts like John Gray, who wrote the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus series, explains that the reason there is much confusion today is that we have been taught to deny who we innately are. Women have taken on more masculine roles and have pushed themselves to act, think, and talk more masculine. So when she goes home at the end of the day and wants to be a woman, she doesn’t quite know how.

While I grew up when feminism was at its peak, I learned through much work in relationships, that I need to accept and embrace my feminine side. And I love it.

I love it when a man opens a door, gives me his jacket, or fixes my toilet. I’m proud to embrace my softer feminine side.



When you appreciate and nurture your feminine side, it will not mean you are plunging back into the Dark Ages. Just because you enjoy this natural part of you, you will not lose your rights to vote, lose your job, or become barefoot and pregnant. It won’t mean that you are politically incorrect. And it certainly doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes. Somehow I think some women are afraid of that or are ashamed so they hide their beauty under unflattering clothing or take on a more masculine demeanor when out in public.


Many ladies, in particular, express that work doesn’t allow them  to be feminine. Here’s some great news: You can be all you want to be and be feminine. My job as an auditor can be break-taking but i try as much as i can to create space for my life and my vision.

  1. You don’t have to do it all. I used to be Super Woman. I did it all. Of course I wasn’t feeling feminine because I carried all roles by myself. But now, I try as much as I can  to try to let the guys do the guys things and leave the ladies things which i can handle.
  2. Dress the role. Honestly, what woman wouldn’t want to go out and buy some nice clothes, makeup, and a haircut if you gave her money to do it as a wife? As a single working lady, learn to treat yourself to nice food, clothes, make ups, dates with only you. You will love the feeling of loving yourself and seeing yourself treated nice.You could also get up 15 minutes earlier so you can take care of yourself and look your best so you feel your best.I did it during Valentine 2017. I treated myself to a nice hair do that i have done before which made me look like a TV star and a makeup done by a Makeup artist. You cant beat the super feeling i had after then. It was awesome. You can do the same.
  3. Do activities that foster feminine energy. Have a girls’ night out. Get your nails done. Engage in a creative activity. Instead of opting for extreme sports all the time, take a painting class, or learn to knit or how to dance. Feminine energy is cool, creative, passive, intuitive, and compassionate. Find activities that foster these qualities. If it feels strange at first, keep at it until you feel like you’re becoming more balanced.
  1. Feel confident and accept compliments.Beauty is a woman’s natural trait. When you start to allow feminine energy to flow back into your life, people will notice. In the past, I had a difficult time with compliments on my physical appearance. I would get embarrassed and brush them off. Now I smile warmly and say, “Thank you.” Feel proud to be beautiful. Enjoy the compliments. They are simply a recognition that your feminine energy is flowing more freely than before. It means you’re bringing your energies back into balance.


Finally, if you’re subdued feminine side is telling you that this is all nonsense, imagine this: What male would ever doubt that he should ever be more masculine? I’ve never heard a guy say, “Oh, I should dress it down, I’m looking too much like a guy.” Now if I’ve made you laugh, I’ve started the process because laughter is a feminine trait. Now go, and find your goddess within.

This post is contributed as Guest post by TIFFANY RAPHAEL OHURUOGU.

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