There is Always a Reason NOT to Start Writing

For years, I have been collecting ideas that would lend themselves to stories at some future date. I used to write more poetry than anything and convinced myself I needed to go back to school to learn the tools of prose.

The stories grew in quantity and quality. Still I listened to others with well meaning opinions, “Stick to Poetry.” The first time I started to write a story it was long and clumsy. I used too many words and pondered too long on every detail.

I read other writers and their essays which seemed so full of thought. I hung on every word because there was meat, a satisfying nourishment that weaved throughout the work.

First I learned to shorten my paragraphs, to lessen the use of words and concentrate on sharpening the meaning. As the muscle improved, I began to weave meaning that would connect from one paragraph to another.

The structure of the paragraph began to make sense. I had developed a vehicle that could convey the story that was only an inanimate block on a page. My stories suddenly had legs.

All those years of excuses and procrastination suddenly dissolved the doubts that kept me from writing, from taking my own voice seriously.

Doubt allows us to do nothing. It teaches us to write things down for later. So many dust covered pages hide stories that will one day find a voice and get a breath of life.

Writing is that amazing world we envision come to life as we overcome our fear and doubt. Write until the muscle grows and write until you know how. It’s amazing what the future holds for someone who believes in themselves and writing. Start now.

This post is contributed as Guest post by Steven Linebaugh.

He is a creative and nature is his muse. His words are from his experiences in nature and the stories of depression and self awareness. His poetry has slowly mutated into prose and the future is open.
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