All because I wanted to help….

I love being an author, I really do but more than being an author I love being a publisher. Asking me to write about my life story is a little surreal because I didn’t plan to be a writer or a publisher. I did however have a desire to help people. It just so happens that I found my niche in helping people to meet their aspirations and become published authors.

It all started when I taught grant writing classes for nonprofit organizations. The students’ questions were pivotal to understanding the class. So, I created a list of the most frequently asked questions and added them to the handout materials for the class. As time passed the little booklet of handouts that I distributed changed from a few handouts and a few questions to a full size manual with information and resources. The game changer came when someone asked if they could purchase copies of the manual to give to their employees so that they could learn to write grants as well.

Within six months Grant Me The Money! The Practical Guide To Successful Grant Writing Practice was released as a self-published book. It was a very popular book and as I traveled around the country teaching grant writing; the book became a significant part of the course as the workbook and resource guide. Several copies were sold for distribution as gifts and resources for colleagues, peers and friends.

That was just the start. As the momentum for the book increased so did my desire to learn the publishing industry. This was due to the fact that my book was a self-published book and it was very difficult getting it in as a holding in the book stores. I was told that it was an excellent product but because it did not have a publisher and imprint the best that it could and would do was to be sold via the internet or direct sale.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not the only one that faced this challenge and I knew that if I wanted to break the barriers and stigma of a self-published author something had to change. Needless to say, I learned the book industry thoroughly, created a publishing company (Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc.) and the two interest that I now had and enjoyed, publishing and helping people were joined together as one.

When I started as a publisher it was to give my works legitimacy. However; I started to receive request from aspiring writers from all over the world asking for assistance and for me to share my knowledge and experience of the book industry so that they too could fulfill their aspirations and dreams. It was then that I decided to expand the focus from my works and invite the works of others for publishing consideration.

Now ten years, seven books and five authors later my focus and objective to help aspiring authors is still the same but with more intensity. The only difference now is the level of experience has increased of course, the geographical boundaries have expanded, that little booklet that started it all is now in its 3rd Edition and I have authored two additional books as well.

I love being an author as I stated from the beginning but I love being a publisher even more.

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