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Alexia Died In the End

For most people, money is the root of all evil but Mark doesn’t think so. 19 years ago, on the day that his parents were brutally murdered by a crazed psychopath, he was born into the world. Being raised in a family that didn’t love him, he only has one objective: kill the murderer.

After his foster parents died, is the only legitimate heir, he inherited all of their fortunes. Soon after carrying out an extensive research, he found out about who the murderer was. However, he has a problem, he couldn’t get himself to kill that person even if he knows where that person lives.

He decided to get help from an old friend of his but the only problem was his friend wouldn’t allow him to do so for some reasons unknown to him. Will Mark be able to have his revenge? Or will he fail miserably? Read the story to find out.

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