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After the Fall

Why does everything she loves always leave? On their anniversary trip to meet her favorite band, Sarah Gregory realizes that she is all alone. Her parents left her. Her husband left her. All she has left is the happy memories.

Or so she thought…

Upon going through Mason’s belongings, Sarah discovers a letter. One that will throw her for a loop. Mason had a secret family. Going down to Texas to find out who they are throws Sarah into a whirlwind. A new family, a new home, everything she has ever wanted. Until she meets Travis..

Travis has been working to get his own ranch going and he can’t wait to show it to his friend, Mason. The day he is supposed to arrive, Travis discovers that Mason has been dead for almost a year. But when he meets Sarah, his whole world tumbles upside down. He falls in love quickly but will she ever be able to give him her whole heart or are they just doomed from the beginning

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