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A Tale by Ronald of a Tree of Life with Cordelia a Daughter of the Sea by Ronald J.Rees

A Tale by Ronald of a Tree of Life with Cordelia a Daughter of the Sea is a thought-provoking and beautifully-written memoir, and an excellent extension of its predecessor: A Tale by Ronald of a Tree of Life.

This is so much more than a conventional memoir; the book is packed with fascinating stories and experiences, insights into Ronald’s family life, the tragedy they have encountered, and an eclectic range of careers. But what sets it apart from other autobiographical works, is the element of magic which is woven between the chapters.

From stories of garden spirits to mythology and legends, this is a thoroughly entertaining read for anyone who loves a good yarn. The author also offers insights into his intriguing family genealogy, historical tales from countries far and wide, and tells of a premonition about Benizir Bhutto’s assassination – someone with whom he had a close connection.
If you love memoirs, particularly when they capture a life lived to the full, you will enjoy every twist and turn in this captivating read.

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