A storyteller’s take on what it is to be a storyteller

A storyteller’s take on what it is to be a storyteller, writer, author, novelist, whatever you desire to call yourself, seeing as we need to be labeled to distinguish who the hell we are.

I believe if you are true to yourself in whatever it is you strive to do, or try to do, or wish you could do, or do-do, all I can say is… good for you. That is the first step into who you are, and what you are as a person inside and out. Writing is for me a place where I go to and talk to those characters we all have around us, but very few of us listen to. Characters must come to you, you cannot conjure them up, I know, I’ve tried, and guess what… Yep, you guessed it. It doesn’t work that way, and as a storyteller, if the characters are not willing to talk, then I take a long walk, perhaps it’s a daily walk, or turns into a few months. I know one thing for sure in my heart, a true writer doesn’t create in mass production. Any of the greats took years between inspiration, some of course, well… One shot, something or other, not sure how it goes. But you get my drift. Beware of those who say to you they loved your book and for just… blah, blah, blah we will make sure your book gets the recognition it deserves. Bull! Delete. Bye. Sure it is possible to get recognition out of the blue, like winning the lottery, problem is, you have to find the blue. Seriously, if you enjoy writing, because it is a given, and any given should not be taken lightly. Write. Don’t quit your job. Write. Keep living life. Write. Write. Write. One thing my mother told me was; never ever let anyone tell you that you’re nothing, no one, will go nowhere, for if they had who is telling you this, they would help you achieve your goal, not ridicule.

This post is Contributed by Author Vicki Zell