The 7 Strategies to Get Focused

Get FOCUSED: 7 Strategies to get

F- Forge Ahead, O- On Purpose, C- Create Your Life, U- Until You Succeed, S- Start Today, E- Envision Success, D- Determine to Win

Are you forging ahead on purpose to create a life that leads to success? Have you started the process? Do you envision success? Are you determined to win?

Forge Ahead

How do you “forge ahead?” You take steps-baby steps. You know how a baby does it. You’ve seen how a baby maneuvers around. Think about it. The baby doesn’t stop. They keep on going, forging ahead; no matter what it is they are trying to do, whether it is crawling, walking, climbing, etc. They are always maneuvering, trying to find a way. This is what we have to do. We have to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles that cross our path.

On Purpose

Let me ask you a question, “What is your purpose?” What are you actually doing in your life on purpose today? If you are doing nothing on purpose, what’s the point of your life? Think about it. You were created and are here for a reason- some sort of purpose, right? The fact that you are alive and are reading this article is a sign that you have a purpose to fulfill. You need to ask yourself, “Why am I still here?” If you have no purpose, find one.

Create Your Life

What does it mean to create your life? How magnificent that would be you are perhaps telling yourself. You may be wondering, “How do I even begin to do that?” Like most of us, we have had some setbacks. Some of us have had more setbacks than others. But, truth be told, we can learn to be creative. We have brains for that. Take some time and just think–meditate on something that you can create. The possibilities are endless.

Until You Succeed

What does it take to succeed? Really, all it takes is telling yourself this simple phrase, “I will-until!” Let’s be honest. You really have no choice. At least no viable, acceptable one. Think about someone you know who has had success in one arena or another. Did they quit? Maybe at times, but they didn’t give up! It’s all in the mind. That is where success begins.

Start Today

When do you start to focus? Today! Why is this so important? Well, we all know tomorrow NEVER COMES! If you fail to start today, guess what? Chances are you will continue to put off your life–to procrastinate. Some people are living their lives in perpetual procrastination. They, literally, have a daily excuse. Find a way not to procrastinate your life away.

Envision Success

Do you “see” yourself accomplishing something? This is what you must do. Seeing is believing. If you don’t, won’t, or can’t envision success, you won’t get it. This “seeing” is a continuous, ongoing process. Remember what I said earlier about baby steps? That concept applies here as well. Nothing is accomplished in a day. More than likely getting to your successful place will most likely take weeks, months, even years.

Determine to Win

This is where keen determination comes in. All you need is a made-up mind. Just do IT. It may sound cliché, but being determined to win is what you need. What is your “it?” Write some ideas down. Take the time to do it now. Nothing can bring you more joy than having a plan and following through on it.

Since you woke up this morning that means you have another opportunity, another chance to get and keep a clear, determined focus. So, do it. Forge ahead, on purpose, create your life, until you succeed, and START NOW!

Guest post by Author Janice Almond