5 Book Marketing Steps to Take Before You Publish

Marketing is very important if you are doing a business because it helps you to earn a lot of new clients, retain the current client, improve traffic to your business website, enhance client engagement, improve sales, boost up profits, etc. But, have you ever thought of marketing when you write a book of your own? If you haven’t thought of marketing your boo so far, you should think about it since it lets you reach to more readers, improve the visibility of your book, increase the readers of your book, and also to sell more books than ever before. Book Marketing is essential If you would like to achieve your goals.

It is very important for you as a book writer to understand the best and effective ok marketing tricks and ways to promote your book before you publish your book. Book marketing is really helpful and valuable for book publishers, self-publishing authors, book authors, and e-book publishers who wish for selling more books. A complete book marketing campaign brings into play a combination of tactics. It is possible for a book author to start an effectual book marketing campaign devoid of the support or assistance of book marketing professionals in the field.

The most excellent book marketing approach unites online and offline elements, and if done correctly, it will improve the sales as well as the readership of your book. Here are top and effective 5 book marketing steps to take before you publish:

  1. Make Use of Social Media

Keep in mind that book marketing campaigns definitely derive benefit from the effective use of online social networks. Since the majority of people around the world regardless of their age and gender spend much of their everyday time in different social media sites; you can go a long way into promoting your book to a larger audience by capitalizing on social media. Social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, look like to be the center of attention for most book sales promotion these days.

You should create an account on all the social media sites and tell about your book that persuades the readers to buy your book once it gets published. Be social, active and engage with your readers in social media.  Share, and pass on information about your upcoming books with your readers on social media. Be active in your Facebook groups and social media accounts, and also try to take part in online forums. Share news of your book in diverse social media sites, but stay away from any buildup messages.

  1. Increase Your Web Presence

If you would like to sell more books and also to take your book to more readers across the world, you should think about increasing your web presence. You cannot thrive as a writer in the modern digital world without giving preference to developing the web presence. Create accounts on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, so that readers can find you and your books. You should write about your upcoming books and post it on your social media accounts.

Make sure to update your visitors about the status of your forthcoming book.  If you have a website that includes every detail of your book, you should implement best SEO methods to drive more traffic, improve the visibility of your website, and improve the sales of your book and also to enhance the readership of your book.  You have to inquire fans to post their reviews on your Facebook page and also in other social media sites.

  1. Build Your Fan Base

It is essential for you to build a community of fans and customers before you release your work to the general public. By the time your book comes out, you should have a solid base of readers and fans to work from. Remember that a loyal and strong fan base that was developed from marketing activities will aid you to sell more books and also to improve the readership o your book considerably.

You can build your fan base by means of beginning a FB campaign, starting a Google campaign to boost traffic to your site, connecting with other writers, engaging with readers, writing blog posts, keyword your blog posts, hosting guest bloggers, becoming a guest blogger, commenting on other blogs, becoming more active on different  social media channels and many more.

  1. Update Author Website or Blog

In the present day, the best parts of writers have got websites or blogs in order to inform their readers about their past works, current works and also the future works. It helps the writers to connect with their readers every time and also inform them when he publishes his next work or the genre or theme of the work. Updating author website or blog when writers are about to publish their book will help them to notify their readers about their upcoming book, its releasing date, etc.

When launching a book, you have got to invite people including reviewers, fans, media, readers, etc. An updated website or blog can do the job for the writer. An updated website or blog should have the Author photo, Author bio, Book cover, Links to purchase the book, Links to purchase any past books, details about the book section, Social media links, Email sign up, etc. The objective of updated website or blog is to persuade visitors to stay on a publisher or author website, learn about a book, and provide them with a reason to return again.

  1. Maximize Your Book’s SEO

One of the unavoidable elements of book marketing is SEO. The writers should maximize their book’s SEO if they would like to take their book to the wider audience, enhance distribution and boost selling of their book. Effective SEO methods will aid every writer to gain the faith of prevalent audience and also to get traffic to author website or blog. One method to efficiently advertise your book and sell more books is to optimize the book’s metadata for search engines. Promote your book with certain Keywords and keyword phrases. It will assist you to allow search engines to easily find your books.

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