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365 Days of Slow Cooker Anti Inflammatory Paleo Recipes by Mercedes Del Rey

Paleo Slow Cooker.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Energy.

Make your meals healthier and nutritious with these 365 delicious Paleo Anti Inflammatory Slow Cooker Recipes

This blockbuster collection of 365 recipes is suitable for both new and experienced slow cooker users and is divided up into easy to find categories including

  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Breakfast dishes
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Fish and Seafood dishes
  • Beef dishes
  • Pork and Lamb dishes
  • Chicken and Turkey dishes
  • And a whole lot more

The perfect way to take care of your health

Smart nutrition is taking the world by storm. More and more health professionals are recognizing the incredible benefits of healthy eating and recommending smart nutrition as the safest and most effective way to restore real health and wellbeing. These 365 recipes go beyond the traditional role of the modern recipe book and are fundamental to renewed health, improved wellbeing, a fresher, younger body and a new lease of life.

Natural nutrition can also tame an over-active immune system, helping our bodies to heal and recover. This amazing way of eating does even more than boost your energy and rebalance your health. It also offers an incredible range of tastes, aromas, textures and flavours, turning every mealtime into a feast and a daily celebration of truly robust health.

Start enjoying food again today.

Scroll up and get your copy now and take a major step forward on the pathway to complete wellbeing.

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