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According to the latest statistics, audiobooks are now a billion dollar industry. And audiobook sales outstripped print and e-book sales recently. Turning your book into an audiobook now gives you access to a wider audience to convert into fans.

mic-for-audiobooksThe process for getting your book converted into an audiobook is not that hard. It’s easy to work with a narrator/producer directly who takes care of all the details for you.

You can find that narrator/producer through ACX, a freelance site such as Up work, or contact them directly through social media or their website.

It’s most important you choose a narrator whose voice fits your book’s style. Even if you like the narrator’s voice and demo, it’s a good idea for them to narrate at least 5 minutes of your book to confirm the fit.

Your book’s length will determine the cost of the conversion. Every 9000 – 10,000 words represent one hour of narration, so a 20,000-word book is going to be approximately 2 hours long.

For the narrator/producer, the project begins with narrating that first 5-minute segment. Once the contract is complete, the narrator needs a final manuscript delivered in a format such as Word, PDF, or through Kindle. Most narrators use a tablet to narrate nowadays as its quiet.

The narrator/producer reads your book, making notes on pacing, pronunciation, and characters. Getting a character right involves detailed notes and sometimes online investigation. I once watched Speedy Gonzales cartoons to get a character voice right.

The initial narration on a 2-hour book can take as long as 3 hours or more in front of the mic. Then, the narration requires editing for pacing and mistake correction. Most narrator/producers figure 2-3 hours of editing per one hour of narration.

The edited files need mastering to Audible standards, followed by delivery to you for upload to Audible. I often provide mastered files to the author as I go along in the editing process so they can listen in segments rather than getting the files in a big lump.

If the initial quote to convert your book into an audiobook appears a bit steep, think of all the work which goes into the process.  And think about the extra sales and fans you’ll gain.

Contributed by Author Kris Keppeler


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    1. Hi Lisa,

      I didn’t see any of the comments on my guest post till now. Through ACX, you can get your book made into an audiobook for no upfront cost but you would need to share the sales for 7 years.
      Audiobooks are usually narrated/produced per finished hour, which can range from $50 to $200 or more. A reasonable cost per 10k words is at least $175.

      Best regards,

      Kris K.

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