10 Reasons to Write the Ending of the Book before the Beginning

Have you started a long and complicated journey of writing a book? Well, good for you, but beware – this is a really difficult path! However, we have at least one tip for you – you should write the end of it first. Why? Are you interested? Then read our very interesting article on ten reasons to write the ending of the book before the beginning.

1. You Would See the Whole Story Clearly
Only knowing how the story is going to terminate, you would clearly imagine it. It might seem weird, but it is easier to develop the story backward. If you are aware of the fact that the story ends up with the main character becoming a princess, you already imagine the steps that she would take to achieve it. First of all, she has to go to the capital; then she has to be employed in the palace or get a good job in general; she has to have a friend who is connected to the prince; she is going to have a blind date with him; finally, they are going to get married. Bingo!
2. You Would Develop Your Characters Better
When you are aware of what your characters would look like in the end, it would be much easier for you to develop their personalities throughout the story. The evolution would be logical, and when the reader finishes the book, he will admire your talent because it would feel as if it was meant to be. Of course, it was because you knew how the book would terminate.
3. Your Storyline Would Be Logical
You might easily lose track of what you are writing if you have no idea where the storyline is leading you and how it would terminate. You have no idea how much more logical the stories with predetermined endings are – everything that is going on in your book is going to influence its end somehow. On the contrary, if the writer creates the story from the beginning, there is a high chance that there would be parts that, in fact, do not matter.
4. Retrospective View
Have you ever noticed that looking back to the past, we usually see the chain of events that led you to where you are now? It is amazing how all the events in our lives are interconnected! The good story has to reflect life – if the girl from the poor neighborhood becomes a princess one day, no one would believe in it! However, if you wish her to become the princess, you have to show the chain of events that made it possible for her.
5. You Will Have a Goal
One of the best tips for writing is to have a particular goal. Compare two situations – the first is you write aimlessly and lose interest in your book at some point, and the second is you have a goal you are moving to. Which one is better? Having a goal would motivate you to finish the book because you already have the end of it.
6. You Save Your Precious Time
Knowing the end of your story will save you an enormous amount of time. Why? Because you will focus on the things that would not influence the ending. It’s as easy as finding a reliable coursework help service. You concentrate on what leads you to a spectacular ending instead of thinking how to make the ending as good as the rest of your book.
7. The Storyline Would Be More Realistic
If you are not aware of how to write a book, remember this – it has to be realistic no matter what genre it is of. If you write the story from the beginning, you have no idea where it is going to take you, and thus, you are not aware of what parts are important and what – not. Knowing the end would add reality to your book and would thus become more attractive to the reader.
8. Ending Is Important
The end is, in fact, more important than the beginning. It is the ending that motivates your readers to visit the shop and look for your second book. This is why you have to spend a good amount of time reflecting on how your story would end.
9. Your Message Will Be Clearer to the Audience
Having in mind how your story is going to terminate, you will be leading the reader step by step to your main message. How will you do it not knowing the end? The finishing part contains your main idea, and it will be clearer to the reader what it is.
10. Your Book Will Have a Symmetry
The end will add a symmetry to your story because all the parts will be interconnected. Each part will explain another even if you choose to tell the story in the chaotic order. The puzzle will get together in the mind of the reader in the end. Following these simple rules, you will get the best book review from any critic.

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