10 Powerful Instagram marketing tips for authors (That really works)

Instagram has gained popularity with 800 million active users and it is the main entertainer in the social media circle. More than 60 million photos are posted each day, and 1.6 billion daily “likes” are given. Most people use it as one of the most wanted sources of interaction. Everyone likes to see fresh and original content, so they turn towards this source.  You may like to see a sunrise, a pet playing with its owner, a beautiful blossoming flower; it is all here on Instagram. You can increase your business on Instagram by using different strategies and tools. In this article, you can have plenty of useful information regarding the sale increase.  You will find 10 most influential Instagram marketing tips that really work.

  1. Hashtags

You must be familiar with hashtag option if you are a consistent user of Instagram. Try to use different but suitable hashtags. This feature allows you to make yourself found by your targeted audience. If you use this feature wisely you will surely improve your brand, your business, and your followers.  Before posting your content on Instagram, you need to find posts which are relevant to trending hashtags by using Explore tools on the Instagram page. The main goal is to use stylish and unique hashtags which are related to your brand. You can search by different kind of hashtags by emoji, now, for example; #mindblowing

  1. Make Your Business Account

Once you have decided on what track you are going, your next step is to make a business account. You can also switch your current account to business account. It is very easy and quick, you only need to go over settings option and click on the “switch to business account” option. And that’s it. Don’t worry this account switching will not make you regret, in fact, you will feel proud after doing so.

This brilliant change in your account gives your customers the freedom to contact you directly from your Instagram page instead of your website. You have the opportunity to make your own ads and then publish them without wasting your time waiting for Facebook’s advertising tools.

You can easily approach Instagram analytic tools, named as Insights, and it allows you to check out your increase or decrease in statistics such as impressions and the status of your content. It also increases the chances of your content to be seen by your followers in their news feed. Account switching is a game changer for your business because it helps you to understand your followers much better.

  1. Use Trendy and Unique Style for Business

The quality of your content and your photos are as important as you put efforts into your Instagram marketing. Use some unique and trendy style in your posts that will enhance your business and it won’t give your content a boring look. You can use a variety of styles, graphics, fonts, colors, and visuals for your business photos. Because colors and visuals will attract people definitely towards your business you can also download Instagram videos or Photos for later use on your website or your social circle. Composing better photos for Instagram is to shoot square photos and this is one of the best ways to save time from having to crop photos later. And you can do it with your Smartphone very easily.

  1. Use Photos and Videos Both

You can make much more by using both images and video content for your Instagram business because it is the most effective way to promote your brand. Videos are more engaging and an amazing tool and can produce even three times more inbound traffic to your account than written content. Mix it up!

  1. Measure the Statistics

When you are using most of the tactics for the betterment of your business, you must keep an eye on the statistics. Impressions, views, clicks, and reviews give you an idea of your performance. You can check for your performance after tracking these metrics. Follower growth rate can tell you how your posts make a difference

  1. Associate Your Account with Influencers

Add to your list the most influential people to be partners with. Take some time to know what are your competitors doing and what are the demands of your customers. Try to build the content that is worth shareable and then tries to get in touch with the influencers who already have built trust among their audience. These Instagram influencers will showcase your products or your brand in a fun way. If your partner is the right manufacture influencer, you can get your brand out in front of those users. If you have managed to build a healthy relationship with each influencer, you will build long-lived firebrand awareness with a brand-new audience with chances of getting in touch with the top influencers in future.

  1. Solid Instagram Content Plan

A firm content strategy is vital for success with Instagram marketing. When you don’t have the right content, you will face hurdles and failures in your way to grab the attention of your targeted audience. If you want to spread your product you would be inclined towards posting more content that is based on the product. It depends on your motives on Instagram, you can even focus on having a mixture of content created in-house and user-generated content.

  1. Post at the Right Time

Before posting your useful content wait for the right time. Take some time to know about your audience, at what time most of the users are active and ready to respond. Never post too much it can distract your audience and also it can decline your product’s worth. But post consistently so that your product can be seen daily in the notification bar. Only post during peak dates and hours when your partisans are online.

  1. Get Ready in Advance

Keep an eye regularly on your competitors and on the taste of your audience, so that you can create content in advance. It will help you a lot and also make your posts consistent at peak. Because post consistency is necessary if you want real results.

  1. Instagram as a Sales Channel

Instagram sales are different, if you are not using the paid posts feature, you won’t be able to add an external link on your posts. You can sale via Instagram through a tried and tested approach. You have to be active all the time to get more information about your customers. Post your product photos and use all the sale efforts.

Try to use all of the above techniques to improve your business on Instagram. Right directions give you success.

This post is contributed as a Guest post by Tayyab Saqlain

Tayyab Saqlain is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Instagram Downloader, Home Decors, VoVo Gifts, Qari Saab.